Osman Mert


Firstly, I have chosen The Interior Design Institute after searching for courses via the Internet. It really surprised me when I saw the content in the actual Modules. The topics covered in the Modules are very professional and the support from the tutor and student support is fantastic. The Student Site is helpful and easy to use.

Secondly, I feel really equipped because of the Assignment tasks and resources available. I liked the Institutes suggestions on Projects, software, resources and others. The tasks set at the end of each Module was most valuable. It gave me great confidence when I could see that I could complete the assignments successfully.

Finally, I can easily say that if you are considering a career in interior design, The Interior Design Institute course is the place to start!

Rollan David Manuel


As an Interior Design Graduate, I took this course as a refresher and perhaps an update to what I had learned back at the University, and true enough, I had reinvigorated my love for the profession, refreshed my knowledge of it, supplemented with new ideas, approaches, and, overall, a new perspective.

I found that now, as a professional, there was a lot of core information that, back then as a student, I had taken for granted. My field work had shown me this, but it was great how the course had broken it down for me. I absorbed it more receptively.

Shahza Amina Siya


Choosing this course was one of the best and most productive decisions I have made.

If you're interested in Art, Architecture and Design, you have come to the right place.

In my personal opinion, this is the best Diploma course you can find online, because this course is easy, fast, enjoyable and convenient.

I've had a lot of fun during the journey and my tutor was helpful throughout the course.

I consider this course as a stepping stone to further my career. I'm going to do a course in AutoCAD and I aim make Interior Design my full time career option.

In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

Janina Johnson


I absolutely loved this course.

It helped me visualize structures very differently.

The Interior Design Institute has broadened my understanding of interiors and spaces, enabling me to view spaces in a different perspective.

Also, I loved my tutor comments and feedback that helped me thoroughly understand what I was reading in the Modules

Chisomeje Isioma Ehi-Okoedion


I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

All the teachers I had did a fantastic job.

They were very warm, encouraging and extremely helpful.

I actually got all that I wanted when I first signed up for the course and I have no regrets whatsoever.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this institute!!


Ljiljana Saric


I love this professionalism! The Interior Design Institute and Tutor helped me to learn, grow and even more like to be interior designer. So many secrets are uncovered.

Now my thoughts are organized. I know-how to deal with future challenges and I still have big community and 12 worthy books to keep learning.

My appetite has increased and I can't wait to start with the Advanced Courses!

Thanks to everyone from ID Institute for this nice journey!

Jade Wentzel


I thoroughly enjoyed putting my strengths and weaknesses to a test whilst completing this course - I mainly enjoyed learning new techniques as well as gaining valuable information on Interior Design which I will now be using as I start my career in the Design and Architecture field!

Thank you to my amazing tutor, that helped me along the way with thorough feedback on each and every one of my assignments!

Chakapongse Pramkaew


I have always been interested in Interior Design and I was thrilled to find out about this course, as it promised to provide the student with the insight and foundation of Interior Design with the ability for students to study at their own pace.

The course materials were well written and included "local examples" (in my case Singapore), in order to make the reader able to relate and understand the information better. Not only that, in each chapter it would include practical examples along with the Module which helped teach me how an Interior Designer would think.

Each of the twelve assignments were clear and we could always ask for assistance when we did not understand the task well. My personal tutor and support team were always quick to reply and provided me with great assistance. This resulted in each assignment submission being a smooth experience for me.

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone that has an interest in Interior Design as this course will provide you with great knowledge through a flexible learning approach.

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