Interior Design Course Reviews

Daniela Barbouche


The Interior Design Institute course not only enhanced my knowledge and skills in the field but also provided me with a sense of credibility and legitimacy in the industry.

Getting certified as an Interior Designer has been one of the best decisions I have made for my career. The course was comprehensive and taught by experienced professionals, allowing me to gain a deep understanding of the design process, materials and products, and the latest trends and technologies.

I am now confident in my ability to provide professional services to my clients by creating beautiful, cozy and functional spaces.

I highly recommend this certification to anyone looking to take their passion for interior design to the next level.


Zayeda Shafeeque

Abu Dhabi

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for The Online Interior Design Course that I recently completed. As an aspiring interior designer, I found this course to be exceptionally informative, comprehensive, and accessible.

Throughout the 12 modules of the course, I was impressed by the well-organized and structured study materials provided. The content was rich in valuable information, covering a wide range of topics essential to understanding the intricacies of interior design. From space planning to color schemes, furniture selection to lighting design, each module delved into the key elements and principles necessary for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

What truly stood out about this course was the self-paced learning format. I greatly appreciated the flexibility it offered, allowing me to fit my studies into my busy schedule. By receiving the study materials for each module after submitting the previous one, I was able to progress at a comfortable pace while ensuring I absorbed the material thoroughly. The step-by-step instructions and illustrations helped me grasp complex concepts with ease. I found the course content to be well-researched and up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends and industry practices in the field of interior design.

The assignments provided at the end of each module were invaluable in applying the knowledge I had acquired. The practical exercises challenged me to think creatively and develop my design skills further. While working on these assignments, I appreciated the opportunity to experiment with different design elements and refine my personal style.

Completing the final module of the course was a significant milestone for me. I now feel equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in interior design confidently. This course has ignited my passion even further and has given me the foundation to explore more advanced concepts in the future.

I want to extend my gratitude to the Interior Design Institute for offering such a comprehensive and well-structured online course. The ease of access to the study materials, the self-paced learning format, and the quality of content have far exceeded my expectations. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained through this course will serve as a solid foundation for my future endeavors in the field of interior design.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Online Interior Design Course from the Interior Design Institute to anyone seeking a flexible, self-paced, and informative learning experience. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource for aspiring interior designers like myself.

Chaymae Harrane

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The course, honestly, provided me with all the knowledge I’ve been looking for, step-by-step and very understandable information.

Now I know where to begin and how to do the work with all the confidence an interior designer should have!


Charlotte Power


From start to finish, I have loved every moment of this course! It’s been so informative, and my lovely Tutor Marieke has been so helpful, super responsive and constructive in her feedback!


Roy Hormez


Starting IDI was one of the best decisions I have made. Art, design, and curating were always a big passion; it all started with lego blocks and Disney colouring books, and 30 years later, I am a certified Interior designer, all thanks to IDI.

Even though I had the vision and the passion when it came to design, I now have the knowledge and the confidence after completing the 12 modules with this welcoming and engaging course. I can now confidently take on any space, incorporate what I learned from IDI, and probably leave the Lego blocks out of the picture unless the design is for the kids' bedroom.

Natalia Contova


It's been a great pleasure studying with The Interior Design Institute for the past 12 months!

I enjoyed this journey a lot and have learned many new and exciting topics through the provided modules. I would definitely recommend taking this course to everyone who wants to learn interior design.

I'm excited about the new beginnings and looking forward to pursuing my dreams of building a career as an interior designer!


Osman Mert


Firstly, I have chosen The Interior Design Institute after searching for courses on the Internet. It really surprised me when I saw the content in the actual modules. The topics covered in the modules are very professional and the support from the tutor and student support is fantastic. The Student Site is helpful and easy to use.

Secondly, I feel really equipped because of the Assignment tasks and resources available. I liked the Institute's suggestions on projects, software, resources and others. The tasks set at the end of each Module were the most valuable. It gave me great confidence when I could see that I could complete the assignments successfully.

Finally, I can easily say that if you are considering a career in interior design, The Interior Design Institute course is the place to start!

Zainab Omar Elhaj


I have been passionate about Interior Design ever since I can remember.

Having studied something entirely different in University and working in a different career made me feel like it was something I could not pursue professionally. That is until I came across the Interior Design Institute. At first, I thought it was too good to be true; all the course modules I needed - online, at my own pace and such an attractive price? I'm glad I decided to take the bait because months later, I am now a graduate in Interior Design with all the knowledge to pursue a professional career and the confidence to work with clients to meet their needs, at something I am truly passionate about. It is a dream I was able to accomplish.

My tutor was marvellous and helpful with insightful feedback for each course assignment. The resources provided opened up a whole new world of interiors for me, giving me all the tools to excel in this field. I learned the fundamentals of being an interior designer with well-planned and explained modules and assignments. The student support was always ready to help, and the Facebook community is one that will last me a lifetime, a community of fellow supportive, talented and inspirational designers who will continue to be a part of my journey in the creative world.

The best thing I could have done in 2020. Thank you!


Ramona Manghnani


Signing up for this course has been the best decision I could make!

The course content exceeded my expectations, and I truly enjoyed working on every assignment. The support from tutors and fellow students is fantastic. The knowledge and skills accumulated during this course have given me the confidence to start my own business in interior design.

I plan to specialize further in this amazing field, and I have already signed up for other advanced modules with the Interior Design Institute. Truly a life changer!

Jennifer Crawford


Having completed my Diploma with The Interior Design Institute, I now feel confident to change my career from Flight Attendant to Interior Designer!

I have two clients already and processing the paperwork to partner up with an already established Interiors and Landscaping company in my home city.

I will forever be indebted to this course for giving me the confidence to pursue my dream career, I'm still working through the Landscaping and Sketch Up Advanced Modules, and look forward to adding these skills to my portfolio.

Thank you Interior Design Institute, keep inspiring!

Melissa Taylor


I couldn't have chosen a better Interior Design course than IDI's.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey, from beginning to end and quite frankly, I was a bit disappointed that I had finished. My tutor, Wendi Snyder, was absolutely amazing, she gave great feedback and happily answered every question however silly it seemed to me.

I have learned so much from this course and from my tutor alike. I now have the confidence to take on the world of interior design, with my very first project about to start.

Thank You Interior Design Institute for creating a fun and educational course!

Jovana Vucenovic


I absolutely loved this course and I'm sure you will too! If you choose this course you will receive innovative, advanced and unique knowledge about Interior Design, History of it all the things that you need to keep in your mind when designing the home, office, etc. In this course, I've learned all the tricks when it comes to styles, colour mixing and so much more!

If you want to gather the most important information and secrets of the successful Interior Designer you're in the right place. I loved the fact that they taught us how to draw and design step by step and to think that I did not have any clue how to do it before this course!The mentor was there for me at all times, whenever I needed any kind of guidance and the fact that they have a page where you can connect to other students and share your work and feedback makes it even better.

This course is definitely one of the best knowledge sources that I can now take with me and put to good use! Good luck!

Ramswaroop Thakur


Unbelievable & Amazing!

I really liked and loved it! It was my 20 years old dream to do the INTERIOR DESIGN course and it comes true & through THE INTERIOR DESIGN INSTITUTE (IDI).

This course is a stepping stone in my way to career-changing in this tough time when I was struggling to get a new job after my employer issued me Relieving Order. This course has many options and offers the opportunity to get a new career or starting own business. It gives to me a new life and I will continue all of the Advanced Courses to enhance my knowledge for further studies. Never stop learning. Knowledge never bites. Always be a Student.

Thanks. Ramswaroop Thakur.

Harleen Kaur


I have always been interested in Interior Design, but I was working in Finance. I needed to find a way to learn about Interior Design. As a working professional, I was looking for a course that could teach me everything whilst still working. Through my hours of research, I found out about this course. As a creative person, The Interior Design Institute has been a blessing. A year after enrolling, I am skilled, confident and already working in the industry.

My favourite part of the course was the one-on-one conversations I had with the tutor. My tutor was amazing with the feedback, and she always used to give me confidence for the next assignment. She was patient and had answers to every question that I asked. Student Support was very helpful as well whenever I had any questions.

This course has taught me all kinds of skills an Interior Designer needs, from sketching to colour to lighting to space planning. I was amazed to see how much it covers in 12 Modules. It has taught me so many new things about the world of design.

It is such a bittersweet moment that the course has ended. I am looking forward to doing one of the Advanced Modules. Thank you, everyone at The Interior Design Institute, for providing such a great learning platform.

Muhammed Ameen


My dream of getting an Interior Design Diploma finally came true with the Interior Design Institute. All my academic requirements were met.

The Institute has very informative modules, designed step by step to understand the world of interior design. Not to mention there is very supportive and helpful student support, an experienced mentor, and an interest-grabbing library and fruitful assignments that added value to my career.

My knowledge and experience considerably expanded with each module I took and it encouraged me to obtain a qualification in this field in the near future.

My job was not interrupted at all by utilizing the golden chance of flexible schedules.

I would highly recommend you take the Interior Design Course train if you are on a budget and have an interest in this field. Thanks, Interior Design Institute for paving the way towards achieving my goals.

Chisomeje Isioma Ehi-Okoedion


I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

All the teachers I had did a fantastic job. They were very warm, encouraging and extremely helpful.

I actually got all that I wanted when I first signed up for the course and I have no regrets whatsoever. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this institute!!

Rollan David Manuel


As an Interior Design Graduate, I took this course as a refresher and perhaps an update to what I had learned back at the University, and true enough, I had reinvigorated my love for the profession, refreshed my knowledge of it, supplemented with new ideas, approaches, and, overall, a new perspective.

I found that now, as a professional, there was a lot of core information that, back then as a student, I had taken for granted. My fieldwork had shown me this, but it was great how the course had broken it down for me. I absorbed it more receptively.

Ljiljana Saric


I love this professionalism! The Interior Design Institute and Tutor helped me to learn, grow and even more like to be interior designer. So many secrets are uncovered.

Now my thoughts are organized. I know-how to deal with future challenges and I still have big community and 12 worthy books to keep learning.

My appetite has increased and I can't wait to start with the Advanced Courses!

Thanks to everyone from ID Institute for this nice journey!

Jade Wentzel


I thoroughly enjoyed putting my strengths and weaknesses to a test whilst completing this course - I mainly enjoyed learning new techniques as well as gaining valuable information on Interior Design which I will now be using as I start my career in the Design and Architecture field!

Thank you to my amazing tutor, that helped me along the way with thorough feedback on each and every one of my assignments!

Janina Johnson


I absolutely loved this course.

It helped me visualize structures very differently.

The Interior Design Institute has broadened my understanding of interiors and spaces, enabling me to view spaces from a different perspective.

Also, I loved my tutor's comments and feedback that helped me thoroughly understand what I was reading in the modules

Shahza Amina Siya


Choosing this course was one of the best and most productive decisions I have made.

If you're interested in Art, Architecture and Design, you have come to the right place.

In my personal opinion, this is the best Diploma course you can find online, because this course is easy, fast, enjoyable and convenient.

I've had a lot of fun during the journey and my tutor was helpful throughout the course.

I consider this course as a stepping stone to further my career. I'm going to do a course in AutoCAD and I aim make Interior Design my full time career option.

In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

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